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Renault Megane Tunning

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Dear Sirs,

yours created Megane 1 is just beautiful. I would really want to do my one same like yours, that people could see, what is beautiful tuning.

Before buying the set i have some questions:
1. Could you paint body kit green, with that signature of yours on the back spoiler? My Megane is green, VIN: VF1BAOF0215846929.
2. Would it be possible for you to make same spoilers like in the picture?
3. Belongs Lighthouses also to the set?
4. What kind of lamps would you rekommend for front and back lights?
5. What are these rims called in that picture?

My green Megane (BA) would probably not look so great like white one of yours. If it would not look so great i will paint hole car white.

Best Regards

Lukas Sidaravicius, DE - LT

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