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Tous les kits seront vendu avec des nouveaux type de filtre à air DRYFLOW

Say goodbye to oiled AEM filters forever. Effective November 1st, 2005, all AEM intake systems will include a DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter! This includes our Cold Air, Short Ram, V2, Hybrid and Brute Force Intake Systems!

AEM’s DRYFLOW Synthetic filter eliminates any warranty concerns on new vehicles because there is no chance of oil traveling up the inlet path and damaging the Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor. It’s also much easier to clean and since you don’t have to oil after cleaning (or wait for the oil to wick), service time is cut by approximately 90%! Just soap it, rinse it, shake it dry and go!

Don’t you hate it when the mesh screen of an oiled cotton-gauze filter is damaged, affecting the looks—and potentially the filtration—of your filter element? That’s not a concern with AEM’s DRYFLOW Synthetic filter. Instead of a mesh screen to hold the pleat forms, we pre-pleat the material and reinforce the element with a lightweight mineral-reinforced plastic cage that resides inside the filter element, maintains the element’s structural integrity and eliminates the chance of the filter collapsing from flow demands. It also reduces the filter’s overall weight. Our filter can take abuse and still look and perform like new!

The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter is a lifetime element that is cleanable AND retains the same great efficiency after repeated cleaning. The DRY media will not blow through after cleaning like many oiled elements. Our media is so durable that it can withstand almost unlimited cleanings without degrading filtration efficiency. The DRYFLOW’s synthetic media is hydrophobic (resists water absorption), so there is less drying time.

Our unique non-woven polyester element filters out 98.6% of airborne dust in initial efficiency (up to 99.4% cumulative or average efficiency), and filters down to ONE MICRON of particulate! This means longer engine life because your seals won’t blow out from excessive dirt, and unmatched filtration with the same performance as our old cotton-gauze filters. CHECK OUT THE RESULTS YOURSELF! The test results are from an independent laboratory*. CLICK HERE to compare the filtration efficiency between a new and cleaned AEM DRYFLOW Synthetic filter, CLICK HERE to compare the DRYFLOW’s filtration results versus competitor air filters, CLICK HERE to watch our severe abuse video and see the independent test results of our severe abuse testing.

AEM’s DRYFLOW Synthetic filter flows almost as well when it is dirty as it does when it is clean, and flows over twice as much air than is required for most engines. We address flow in the sense that the engine requires a given amount of flow, so our engineers calculate our filter sizes to exceed this flow requirement to accommodate potential future engine modifications. This allows the DRYFLOW to retain a high level of filtration efficiency and still exceed the flow requirements of an engine. The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter gives you the best of both—consistent flow and superior filtration efficiency in clean and dirty conditions.
CLICK HERE to view the test results between a new and cleaned DRYFLOW filter.

Due to popular demand, AEM is ramping up production to make DRYFLOW Synthetic filters available to upgrade existing intake kits—whether they are AEM systems or not! CLICK HERE for a cross reference chart to upgrade your AEM intake with a DRYFLOW. CLICK HERE to use our dealer finder to buy your DRYFLOW element. A filter sizing chart to cross reference the DRYFLOW for competitor intakes is coming soon!

DRYFLOW Synthetic Filter Features:

AEM’s unique non-woven filter media never needs oil! This means less down time between cleanings and no more chance of over-oiling

No oil means no warranty issues from oil traveling along the inlet and clogging the MAF sensor

The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter’s unique non-woven polyester filter media is independently-tested to deliver 98% initial filtration efficiency (up to 99.4% cumulative efficiency). Oiled filter initial efficiency is typically 90% to 95% efficient

The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter delivers superior filtration and equal performance (compared to an oiled filter)

A neutral gray filter color complements our mirror-polished and powdercoated finishes, and hides the dirt that it keeps out of your engine.

A mineral reinforced plastic interior cage increases structural rigidity—it’s virtually impossible to collapse! No mesh screen means no more filter damage from bumps during installation or cleaning and no corrosion damage.

Element is cleanable and is Guaranteed for Life!

Will NOT void your vehicle’s warranty!

Combine the best and FIRST dry performance filter with the most powerful intake system on the market and the choice is clear! AEM w/DRYFLOW—the most powerful intakes just got better.

AEM performance products are Engineered to Outperform. The company manufactures street and race performance products and electronics that are unmatched in performance, quality and value. AEM headquarters is located in Hawthorne, CA.

*The independent laboratory is an ISO9001/ISO 14001 certified testing facility, and performs automotive parts testing for Original Equipment Manufacturers. These tests were performed in accordance with normal SAE/ISO procedures with respect to the SAE J726 JUN93 Air Cleaner Test Code, and ISO 5011:2000 inlet air cleaning equipment for internal combustion engines and compressors – Performance testing. A complete report of the test results is available on our website at

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