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Style is extremely personal. It is not something that changes like fashion constantly. But it is an acquired taste for how a person wants to be looked at.
A common example of this would be the Mobile Phone Cases. Most people are selective regarding the kind of cover they are using. 
From design to colour, everything has options these days. Similarly, the same can be said about watches that we wear. 
We go through multiple options before selecting to buy one watch. A crucial part of the watch is the band that is responsible for holding it together. 
Apple watches are known to be a customer favourite. One can choose to revamp their style by choosing another kind of band. 
There are multiple options to choose from. The bands are made of leather. Smooth in texture and gives a nice retro look. 
The vintage look comes from the grain leather look and stainless steel buckle. The wrist size of the band ranges from 185mm to 244mm.

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